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Last month a footage of the legendary singer physically assaulting a woman in Kenya went viral. Olomide's performance which was scheduled during the 2016 90th Show at the Zambia’s Agricultural And Commercial Society, was cancelled following his incorrigible actions at the airport where he beat up the dancer.

After being kicked out of Kenya, the ugly incident followed him to his country of Congo where he was arrested, taken to court and sentenced to a year in prison.

Koffi Olomide actually spent a day behind bars before being secretly let out. The circumstances surrounding his release isn’t exactly clear but the fact that the veteran singer is free now clearly sending the wrong message.

There is a video showing the singer assaulting a woman and nothing has been done about it. Koffi Olomide has gotten a slap on the wrist for this heinous crime. In 2016 there shouldn't be any room for anyone who assaults women especially male celebrities.

An apology does not cut it. The Congolese government should send a strong message that it does not condone assault against women. Koffi Olomide should not be spared because he is famous. A statement should be made and a strong one.

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All over the world, gender equality and violence against women are burning topics. African countries should not be left out of the discussion. We have to show the world that we do not tolerate women beaters. With Koffi Olomide back in his mansion with no serious repercussions this shows that as a continent we are not ready to start dealing with these issues seriously.

As a matter of fact with African male celebrity has been sentenced to prison for laying his hands on a woman. All we hear are accusations that are never investigated. Even the mere allegation of domestic violence should be treated as something serious.

On July 26, 2016 I wrote this after Koffi Olomide’s ruling “we have swept the issue of male celebrities beating up women in Africa under the rug for too long. These so called stars should be held accountable when they assault women. Celebrity or not, any man who assaults a woman should be punished.”

I still stand by this. We look other the way when a popular male celebrity is caught up in any allegation of violence against women but when there is a whisper of a female celebrity sleeping around we call her a whore before finding out the facts.

Koffi Olomide’s freedom is wrong because he committed a crime. It’s high time issues like this are treated seriously and don't just end up as forgotten links on the Internet.