In his 16 years in the game he has established himself as the most successful stand up comedian in the country with his numerous endorsements, sold out shows and international recognition.

As Basketmouth approaches his two decades in the business it’s time for him to take his craft to the next level. The gifted comedian has always been a step or two ahead of his peers in terms of content.

While many comedians in Nigeria come up with jokes from hypothetical scenarios Basketmouth knows how to infuse the reality of living in Nigeria with humour.

Even though he got a lot of knocks because of his joke at his in Texas in July, 2016 Basketmouth delivered top jokes on how the previous government had robbed the nation blind.

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This type of jokes of mixing political commentary, life in Nigeria and humour is the type of jokes international comedians get rich off. Chris Rock and the likes are insanely popular for making these type of jokes.

Basketmouth can deliver these jokes easily no doubt but now is the time for him to do it on a daily basis. It is time for Basketmouth to have his own daily night show or late night show as they call it in America.

We have a few shows with the format of a late night shows here in Nigeria (such as and the Show) but none of them have exactly gotten the political with humour content right.

Fellow South African comedian Trevor Noah who became the host of The Daily Show in March 2015 is doing exactly what Basketmouth can do. On his show he pokes fun at the American political system with wit, humour, intellect and humour. That is Basketmouth in a nutshell.

After being featured on Al-Jazeera and CNN all within a year I believe it is time for Basketmouth to push his brand further by having a late night show that will summarize the important events of the day in funny soliloquies. Basketmouth is probably the only comedian that can deliver such a content.

By having his own TV show Basketmouth will further set himself apart from his peers and would make him the undisputed king of comedy in Nigeria for a long time to come.

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Today (August 9, 2016) Basketmouth took time to explain that he never canvassed for votes for President Buhari in a lengthy Instagram statement. Imagine if Basketmouth did this on TV with a few jokes here and there. Everyone would be scrambling to watch it.

A late night show is the next logical step for Basketmouth. It is time he embraces this and makes himself the greatest Nigerian comedian ever.