On Monday, August 1, 2016 a video clip of the General Overseer of

His statement triggered a heated debate on social media especially Twitter for days. While some people saw nothing wrong in his statement about men not marrying women who can’t cook others took offense to it.

Feminists saw his statement as sexist and others thought it was insulting to sum a woman’s wifely qualities just down to her cooking. It would be safe to say that the man of God took some knocks for his marriage advice.

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As expected some celebrities put their 2 cents in. Eccentric celebrity Charly Boy said Pastor E.A ‘misyarned’. “Oga pastor, that one na missyarn. Over praying does not make one a better husband or wife, because the world especially Naija is filled with Fake people and “Fakest” pastors. Does a man having a job guarantee that he will make a good husband? Does a woman knowing how to cook guarantee she will make a good wife? Haba” wrote Charly Boy in his article.

Months ago before Pastor Adeboye made his comment, Banky W during an interview with Ebony Life TV said he is comfortable with a wife who does not know how to cook.

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“I cook. My wife doesn't need to know how to cook. I actually enjoy it” said the EME boss. Anyone who knows Banky W knows that he is a very good cook so having a wife who doesn’t cook won’t be such a big deal for him.

Banky W might not be married yet but he has an idea of the woman he wants to settle with. From his thoughts on marriage and this whole cooking debacle Banky W is progressive and his marriage will not be structured by the conventional family roles.

Whenever Banky W gets married, he surely won’t be bogged down by the traditional values. As for being able to pray for an hour I don’t think Bankole Wellington wants that kind of prayer warrior.