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The couple shocked fans when they announced their engagement via social media on April 5 after dating for only three months. Rob went down on one knee to offer a sparkling $350,000 diamond ring to the former stripper at a strip club in California.

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Although Rob's family are yet to react to the bog news, Chyna's mother, Shalana Hunter, BFF Amber Rose and ex beau Tyga have already sent the couple congratulatory messages following their engagement.

Despite some claiming that ChyRob are just out to hurt the Kardashian family (since Kylie Jenner allegedly snatched Tyga from her) or to get some cheap publicity, our readers do believe that the couple are indeed in love and are getting married out of that strong feeling they have for each other.

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In a poll we conducted, a whopping 61.2 per cent say Rob proposed because he truly loves Chyna and wants to build a family of his own. However, 38.8 per cent stick with the fact that the couple is just seeking for attention.