After years of speculation, New York Times bestselling author and award-winning investigative journalist, Ian Halperin has confirmed that

In his highly-anticipated forthcoming book, "Kardashian Dynasty", Halperin claims that Tyga and Kylie's attraction for each other dates back to Kendall Jenner's 'Sweet 16  party' where they were spotted laughing and joking for a good part of the night.

A guest at the party reveals to the author that it set off alarm bells owing to the fact Kylie was only 14 and Tyga was in his twenties, in a relationship with Kim Kardashian's then best friend and had a son.

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"I also interviewed a couple who went to Kim and Kanye's wedding and they told me they saw the pair  hanging out and openly flirting the entire night," he wrote.

Another source from the star-studded party also tells Halperin that the Kardashians were fully aware of the situation but brushed it off because they thought he was in a relationship.

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According to the writer, Chyna did the right thing by reaching out to her best friend, Kim via telephone and told her,  "You've got to keep your sister away from my man". When Kim failed to step in, Chyna accused her of endorsing Kylie and Tyga's relationship and the two friends had a monstrous falling out.

"My sources say Chyna was so upset and her life was such a shambles that she vowed to do whatever it took to get her revenge" writes Ian.

"Tyga has continued to insist that his romance with Kylie had nothing to do with his split from Chyna - but insiders say that is patently false" he adds.

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Halperin claims from being the former stripper Kim was hugely impressed by her incredible focus and ambition, Chyna felt a sense of betrayal when in March 2015, Tyga confirmed after months of speculations that he was indeed dating none other than Kim's underage sister, Kylie, 17.

"Chyna is no fool. Instead of getting bitter she devised a plan," a friend of Chyna explained. "And the plan was to hook up with a Kardashian, to get into that family and to call the shots. Her dream was to become as big - or bigger - than the Kardashians."

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As we reported, on January 25 Chyna shocked the world by posting an intimate Instagram photo of herself in the arms of a heavily-tattooed mystery man. Even though his face was not visible, there was no mistaking who the distinctive ink belonged to - 29-year-old former addict Rob Kardashian.

The pair is currently engaged and are planning a magnificent wedding and it's no surprise that the couple has left the entire Kardashian-Jenner clancompletely speechless and a laughingstock in Hollywood!

... If only Kylie Jenner and Tyga  were stopped by Kim or Kris Jenner, then maybe there would be no ChyRob wedding!