READ: Singer weds Nigerian-born producer Dot da Genius reports that the couple are on the verge of a divorce after barely one month into their marriage, and four years of dating.

Following reports of a big collaboration between the rapper and Jhene, on a joint album titled, "Twenty88", the pair had had too much chemistry going for them, which had been good for the campaign and bad for her marraige.

Mediatakeout revealed that the idea behind the collaboration had been to simulate a fake relationship between the close friends, an idea Dot Da Genius had reportedly supported fully despite his reservations, until something went wrong.

An insider reportedly reveals to the gossip site, saying:

"I know it was supposed to be a fake [relationship], but I think they were really hooking up."

The reports further reveal that the pair began travelling without Dot, asking him to stay back and work on the music, which only caused further strain on the relationship.

The rumours of infidelity only made things worse, as a source close to Jhene reveals that the couple have officially seperated.

The insider tells mediatakeout:

"Jhene wants to stay married, it's [Dot Da Genius] that wants out."

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Although the publication have been unable to confirm that there is indeed a relationship going on between Jhene and Sean, the rumours have reportedly done serious damage to the singer's marriage.

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