'Superstar' singer Jamelia shocked her fans when she admitted on TV she was recently racially and sexually abused online.

The 34-year-old mother of two girls told BANG Showbiz , "people sent me racist and sexist comments online last week and it left me emotionally shaken and scared for my safety...

"This week alone I've been called a n****r, a bitch, a sl*t, a sl*g, an idiot, a moron...& while of course I know I am none of these things..it still f**king hurts."She says she has however chosen to actively pursue happiness and stay happy for her two children, Teja, 13, and Tiani, nine.

"When I got trolled I became aware of myself being drawn into a negative headspace," the singer explained. "The only way to deal with it was to raise some sort of awareness and maybe shock people into the impact that it has. The response to my tweet has been absolutely overwhelming," she continued

The 'Loose Women' panelist also told her audience, "I don't subscribe to any negativity, I'm not interested in anything that makes me feel bad. I cry, I make sure I get it out if there's anything wrong with me. I'm really committed to maintaining a happy lifestyle."

Writing to her followers on the micro-blogging site, she said last week:

"I'm Falling out of love with Twitter... I love that I get to connect with a lot of kind-hearted, lovely people but the amount of vile comments I've received recently just makes me question if it's all worth it."

She further decribed what happened, saying:

"I woke up so happy this morning...only to come on Twitter and see someone telling me they want to slam me in my head...suffice to say...

My mood changed, I got upset, I was confused and even felt a little scared. Someone I don't know hates me like that? Wants to attack me??"

What do you think about cyber bullying? Will it ever stop?

Check out Jamelia in 2011 hit  'Superstar' below: