In an Instagram post, the video director confirms that the interest to get hitched to the actress came in the year 2012, when he had a dream that she was to be his partner.

At first she turns him away but she opts to give him a serious thought a year later. It is an experience the father of five recalls in a moment of reflection.

"I have to testify God is great I had a dream one night around Christmas 2012 that I will be married to @funkejenifaakindele and believing in the mighty God I trust I approached and she didn’t believe me," JJC Skillz shares.

The key message he hopes to pass on involves paying attention to one's dream. His led him to a path of happiness as seen in his post.

On Friday, January 4, 2019, Funke Akindele debuts her newborn twins in a family picture including her husband's children from previous relationships.

A day after, an excited JJC Skillz displays the picture on his profile in a hearty post he captions "The Bellos".

While she is enjoying the experience of being a mother, Akindele gets distracted with a false report alleging that she endorsed a body enhancement product.

The actress made sure to exempt herself of any affiliation in an IG response she puts up on Saturday.