In the last clip of Pulses exclusive interview with

"I would have gone online a long time ago but I just love radio. You don't know what it is to be able to open this mic here and just talk. I love to talk" confessed Freeze.

Further in the interview, the OAP said that radio is his life although he appreciates the power of new media. "Online-yes I love. It also affords me the opportunity to express myself which is a form of talking and I will press you even though I still prefer this guy (points to studio mic). This is me. This is my passion. If you take away my radio you are taking away my breath."

Freeze also revealed why he hasn't opened his own radio station despite his vast experience in broadcasting.

In a previous clip Freeze said he isn't afraid to be politically incorrect.

"I'm never ever going to be politically correct. I am going to try not to be insulting. I come from the two most insulting tribes in the world" said Freeze. The Cool FM OAP, however, admitted that he would try to be more diplomatic in future.

He grabbed headlines last month when posted an old photo of him with Basketmouth's wife. In previous clips Freeze spoke about the rumour of him getting sacked by Cool FM and the origin of his beef with Basketmouth