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It was reported that the pair had a falling out 3 years ago. Djinee has however denied these claims. Speaking exclusively to Pulse, the singer said that he and M.I have always been on good terms.

"That information is false and there isn't any basis to back that statement. Like no one has stated a reason for the alleged beef. How is that even possible when in these 3yrs, we have bumped into each other severally at industry and private gatherings, the most recent private function which was at 's (our video director friend who we all lived together at a time) daughter's naming ceremony" Djinee told Pulse.

He further said "We even travelled together for a show some few months back. All these meetings and more have happened without any misgivings. However, I do see how the media might want to spin such story for their benefit regardless of the actual truth. M.I and I spoke some days ago and we had a good laugh about it."

Djinee who featured on M.I's 2008 breakout single 'Safe' said he does not know how the rumour started. "I wish I knew, i was taken aback just like you, but I can imagine why it came up just right after the BuckwyldNBreathless concert. Sensational news means more clicks and more traffic to sites which translates to more revenue."

In his brief and exclusive interview with Pulse, Djinee maintained that his relationship with the Chocolate City act has always been intact. "We are friends and colleagues who are always honest with each other. We are both men of integrity who value a relationship with people over items or status. That's one of the reasons why we've been friends for so long. If I ever have an issue with MI, I'll call him up and tell him like civilized people do, and he'll do same."

Djinee also said he is also in good terms with Jesse Jagz and Ice Prince. "Our relationship is top notch. We all are brothers, I have an immense amount of respect and love for them professionally and as individuals. A lot people don't know our history and based on the fact that we are never seen the public eye together as often as the media would like. The easiest assumption would be to think we're not so close anymore. We always have a good laugh every time we see. Those guys are some of the funniest dudes you'll ever meet, I can assure you" he told Pulse.

Speaking to Pulse, Djinee apologized to his fans for being out of the mainstream music circuit for a while but assures them that he will be releasing new materials in a matter of weeks. "New works will be out really soon to quench their thirst and by soon I mean weeks" he assured.

When M.I first came to Lagos in 2008, he stayed in Djinee's home before establishing himself as one of the best rappers in the country.