Last Friday, May 15, 2015 Davido posted a picture of a woman's finger holding a baby's finger.

This post led to rumours that Davido had welcomed a baby girl. The pop star refuted this claim. His reps spoke to THE NET, and dismissed claims that an Abuja based 28 year old woman Sophie Momodu had given birth to his first child.

"Bloggers are just confused, Davido doesn’t have a child yet, his sister is still pregnant too. Davido simply put up a baby’s hand to signify a new beginning and it’s causing wahala" said Davido's rep.

Back in March, Davido refuted claims that he was responsible for Sophie's pregnancy, even though his reps acknowledged that Davido and Sophie were in some sort of relationship.

Now, a new photo evidence has popped up making Davido's denial of having a baby go up in smoke. The picture posted by Davido on Friday was actually posted on Instagram by Sophie a.k.a Bella Donna a few hours before the pop star.

The only difference in the set of pictures is that Sophie's photo is coloured and Davido's- black and white. Apart from this it is the same picture.

And with Davido's caption "God is Great , New life, New beginnings, New Album , It's our year" it most definitely seems that he has accepted the baby as his.

Congratulations are in order to the new daddy.