Singer, Chuddy K has called out a news writer who according to him used him as a bad example which summed him up to be a failure.

The writer, Kaycee Ichie Oguejiofor, published an article on Thenetng which was titled 'Dear Nigerian artiste, don’t be in a rush!'.

The angle of Oguejiofor didn't sit well with the songster who threatened to confront him at his office for the article.

What seems to be the issue was a part of the article where the writer addressed him as a flash in the pan.

It reads, "If you want to build a lasting career, if you want to dominate and fulfill your potential, then you need to be patient, study the game, get mentors/role models, study them find out what makes them thick and what their weaknesses are.

"That is the only way you can leave a lasting impression. If not, you’ll be a flash in the pan like Chuddy Kand a whole lot of others."

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The artiste replied the writer on social media with the comments:

"Why did he have to use me as a bad example in his write up. I have released five hit tracks in all my eight attempts at releasing a single.

"He doesn’t know my story and yet he had the guts to write s**t about my life.

"My career has been faced with ups and down, bad label executives mistreated me, I will make sure he eats his words and I will come down to your office and find out whoever that person is, just wait for me.

"I don’t have a massive hit at the moment doesn’t give you the right to call me a failed artiste. I have done more than four comebacks.

"He better ask about me and know the truth about things before he writes s**t."

Chuddy K might not be your average MTV Africa Music Award winner, but he definitely packs a mean punch when writers who didn't get enough facts about him are the subject.