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From the beginning, rumours that the model was using the vulnerable 29-year-old for her own gain, trailed the couple but Blac seemed to be doing her best to prove that she was above that.

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Despite the ups and downs the couple have faced so far, they always managed to retrace their steps to each other but we are pretty sure there will be no recovering from this one.

So let's go over what we do know of the couple's messy split.

Blac Chyna's Instagram account was hacked on Saturday, December 17, with the culprits posting incriminating screenshots of the model's conversations with friends, family and an alleged lover.

The messages spoke of a well-planned scheme which would provide, money, fame, and most importantly revenge.

Let's not forget that Blac has every reason to hate the Kardashian family following her ruined relationship with Kim Kardashian and the fact that her ex-fiance, Tyga, left her for Kylie Jenner.

Moving on, Blac moves out of their home complete with their one-month-old baby and everything else that belongs to Dream Renee and her 3-year-old son, King Cairo, in a move that can only be seen as cutting her losses before things got worse.

To make things worse, Chyna went on a rant on Instagram in posts she shared on Sunday, December 18, 2016, claiming that Rob is mentally deranged and in need of medical help. She also accused her now ex-fiance of being behind the hack.

Although Blac claimed that the messages which were exposed were things she said earlier this year, her argument holds little or no water.

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Rob has not been in a good shape either, as he shared videos via Instagram and Snapchat, sharing his feelings on the situation he had found himself.

It is obvious that whoever was behind the hack meant to put an end to the couple's romance as well as expose Blac for what she seems to be, and the plan went hitch free.