Johnny Depp might soon be called to question in respect to a domestic violence allegation made against him by actress, Amber Heard.

Heard claims to have a medical proof implicating the Pirates of the Carribean actor if her domestic violence/divorce case makes it to trial, TMZ reports.

It won't be her word against his, as the actress' lawyer, Samantha Spector, already submitted a list of witnesses.

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Two of these witnesses are Raquel Pennington and her boyfriend, Joshua Drew, who were reportedly present at their apartment when Depp assaulted her.

Other evidences to presented are video and audio recording of the actor's interaction with her at their residence.

The actor is definitely not going down without a fight, as he has also prepared a list of twenty-three witnesses, who will be attesting on his account of the story.

This is longer when compared to Heard's list of seven witnesses.