QUIZ: Which superpower will you get on December 21st?

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Apparently, all black people will somehow get superpowers on Dec. 21 2020. Which will be yours?

1. Which are you guilty of?

Sleeping too much
Sleeping too little
Eating too much
Eating too little

2. As a superhero, would you rather assist

The Nigerian Police
The Nigerian Navy
The Nigerian Border Patrol Teams
National Drug Law Enforcement Agency

What do you think people love most about you?

Your charm
Your hard work
Your loyalty
Your creativity

Pick a fine black woman

Nia Long
Tracee Ellis Ross
Sanaa Lathan
Gabrielle Union

What are you likely to get famous for?

Your talent
Your job
Your looks
Your philantropy

What are you likely to get arrested for?

Smoking weed
Roaming the streets very late at night
Violating traffic laws
Your score: Invisibility
After December 21st, you should be able to appear and disappear at will. That time, you can show up at the house of the person you're owing and say: "Now you see me, now you don't!"
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Your score: Super strength
House-lifting, car-flinging, aeroplane-stopping strength. That's what you are getting on the 21st of December. Can you handle it.
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Your score: Ability to fly
Canada here we come!
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Your score: Ability to read minds
You'll get to know everyone's plans, intent before they even act on them or manifest. How cool is that?!
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