Quiz: Do you know the first impression people have of you?

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Answer these few questions and we'll serve you the tea.

What’s the craziest rumour you’ve heard about yourself?

I am proud
I am rich
I break hearts
I sleep around
Something else
I don't pay attention to what people say

Which of these public displays of affection are you comfortable with?

Holding hands
Butt grab
All of them
I hate PDAs!

Which describes you best?

Introverted extrovert
Extroverted introvert
Depends on the day and time
Anywhere belle face

Which of these popular people’s personality can you relate with the most?

Energetic and boisterous
Effortlessly charming
No f**ks given

Which one are you at a party?

Life of the party [Energy god/dess]
Sit in one corner and press phone
The dancer
There for the food
There for the booze

Pick a bad behaviour that you absolutely can't stand

Inability to hold a secret
Unprovoked rudeness
Giving unsolicited spoilers
Your score: "They think you're a snob"
When people see you, they immediately get a feeling that you are some unapproachable, snob who always just wants to be left alone. Deep down, you're probably not like that but good luck changing people's mind with that insane resting bitch face you've got.
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Your score: "They think you're friendly"
You have such a bubbly vibe that people just fall in love with from the get-go! It must be something about the way you regularly flash your gorgeous smile and try to ensure that everyone is OK. We love to see it❤️
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Your score: "A heart breaker"
You have the aura of a yoruba demon, even if you're a babe. Something about you just screams 'I'll eat your money, eat your work and smash your heart into a zillion, unpatchable little bits.' 😱 We'd have advised you to rebrand, but we have a feeling you love this energy. So, do you boo.
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Your score: "Religious"
People just assume that you are religious. It's either they're instantly profiling you as a Pastor, Alfa, or an upcoming one. The more you try to shake it, the more it sticks. There, there, just relax and go with the flow. It's not such a bad thing if you actually think about it.
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Your score: "They think you're evil"
There's a wicked, sinister, evil, dangerous, bad vibe that oozes out of you. You smile but your smile is dangerous. You laugh but your laugh is also dangerous. People automatically prefer to keep their distance from you. Don't feel bad though, we hear that people also find this sexy. So, that's a win.
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