The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kogi state has said that Senator Dino Melaye is not an asset to the party, but a liability.

According to the party, it will reject any entreaty from the national secretariat to allow Melaye run for Senator in 2019.

This is coming a day after describing the party as his home on social media.

According to Independent Newspaper, the Kogi PDP said that the Senator does not have an existing structure or followers that will increase the party’s influence in the state.

This was made known to newsmen by the chairman of the PDP Kogi West Elders Forum (KWEF), Hon. Shaibu Momoh.

Momoh, in a statement, described Melaye as a controversial figure who needs to go through a reformation period.

“The result of his recall failure by Government backed agitators are not because of his political strength but rather it is the reflection of the wider rejection by the people of the sitting APC government, their policies, unpaid salaries, pensions and gratuities and ethnic coloration rather than the love for senator Melaye, infact many people despite Dino’s rough behavior and they will not want him back.

“He is seen as too controversial and his unacceptable behaviors are the serious negative views of the public against him.

“He cannot win any election in a free and fair atmosphere and PDP should therefore not gamble with him as a candidate for now.

“He needs a serious reformation period which PDP Kogi state do not have the luxury of time to dispense.

“The leadership of PDP in the state under the apex leadership of two former governors of the state, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris, Captain Idris Wada, senator Tunde Ogbeha Alhaji Musa Ahmadu and host of other critical stakeholders have been struggling to rebrand a PDP that can recapture power from an aggressive none performing government of APC in the state.

“They have reconciled several prominent strong men and women who came back to the party and their re-entrance back to PDP is without any condition or concession but genuine.

“Some restructuring on House of Representatives, Governorship and state Houses of Assembly are on-going and imposition of a Senatorial candidate will cause a major derailment and unimaginable crises that PDP may not be able to overcome before the general election.

“The critical leaders are on ground and they understand this great danger and trap, hence their rejection of this Dino imposition,” he added.

Kogi PDP vows to resist imposition

The elders forum vowed to resist any attempt to impose Senator Melaye against the will of the people.

Momoh said “That the news of an attempt to impose the controversial Senator Dino Melaiye on the people’s Democratic Party (PDP) Kogi West, by the National Leadership of the party, as Automatic Senatorial candidate for the 2019 National Assembly election is hereby Rejected in it totality and unacceptable

“Senator Dino Melaiye comes from Ijumu local government area of kogi West that has been producing the senator for the Senatorial district for the past 12 years and adding another 4 years will make 16 years while the rest 6 local government areas will still be waiting for their turn.

“PDP Leadership in Kogi West endorsed by the state leadership was the first party to take a firm decision to shift/zone the position to other Federal constituency of the state for equity and justice, since over a year now.

“Known aspirants have emerged from other areas excluding Ijumu in PDP and they have been on the field carrying out their consultations and preparing their structures in preparation for the party senatorial primaries expending huge amount of resources and time for the past 12 months.

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“To now impose a strange candidate under a questionable reason will not only be wrong, unjust and unfair but it will totally collapse all efforts by our highly respected leaders at rebuilding and rebranding the party in the state there by giving an opportunity and undue advantage to the opposition party APC that is in government to contend with.”

They also welcomed the lawmaker to the party, but added that he will have to respect the agreements on ground.

Also, Sunday Tribune reports that 90 members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in National Assembly have signified their intention to move to newly formed Reformed All Progressives Congress (RAPC).

According to the report, the Senate President, Bukola Saraki and the House of Reps Speaker, Yakubu  Dogara will lead the defection of the lawmakers when they return from recess.