Inspector General of Police, Idris Ibrahim has explained the events that led to a clash

“I think as Nigerians, we have to appreciate a dangerous situation, and be sympathetic with the police that are being killed by some of these miscreants. Obviously from time to time, we have been experiencing upheavals from this set of people,” Ibrahim said on Tuesday, November 15 while speaking with journalists in Abuja.

“As police officers, we have responsibility to ensure there is law and order and when you have people taking over the whole country, dominating streets and buildings, we have to come in to maintain sanity in those areas.

“As of early yesterday (Monday), we got information that they were trying to block Kano to Zaria road. They later assembled in large number and our officers were deployed in the place to ensure freedom of movement of ordinary Nigerians.

“They attacked our officers, killed one of our officers. One has sustained an arrow wound on his head and obviously in such a situation, police have the responsibility to ensure free movement of people on the road. And that was what our officers did,” he added.

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Ibrahim also said that the Shiites were armed to the teeth when they were stopped by the police.