He said looters should be treated with disdain for bringing hardships on Nigerians.

The President stated this on Thursday, June 14, in his Sallah message to mark the end of the Ramadan fasting period.

He said, "selfishness and greed have overcome people’s conscience so much that they don’t have moral inhibitions in the pursuit of their greed".

"I always wonder why any true believer, be they politicians, civil servants or businessmen, would seek to make profits from the misfortunes of others."

He congratulated Muslims on completing "this spiritually significant month of sacrifice" and urged them to reflect on the importance of Ramadan in becoming good ambassadors of Islam at all times.

The President also urged Muslims to put the virtues of Islam into practice beyond the fasting season.

He said, "Religion should be the moral compass for all believers in their public and personal lives.

"If people allow the teachings of their religions to influence their conducts, problems such as corruption, which diverts public funds to private pockets, would have been eliminated in the society."

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Buhari urged religious leaders to always pray for peace and unity in the country and avoid making inflammatory utterances that endanger peace or promote conflicts.