Prominent lawyer, Mike Ozekhome has urged President

The Presidency has given two aircraft to the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) leaving nine remaining in the fleet.

However, according to Ozekhome nine aircraft are still too many to be maintained by the country in light of the current economic crisis.

“Of the 11 aircraft in the presidential fleet, the President just gave two to the Nigerian Air force; there are still nine more. Let them sell about six more; we don’t need nine presidential jets,” he told Punch during an event in Osun State.

“The British Prime Minister flies Virgin Atlantic whenever he is travelling; President Obama flies Airforce 1; we have not heard of Airforce 2. They should sell six more and plough the money into the economy, which in the doldrums," he added.

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The Presidency has also put two planes up for sale in a bid to reduce the number of aircraft in the fleet.