Former minister of foreign affairs, Ambassador

According to a report by Daily Trust, three gunmen had abducted Hirse, who was in company of his friend in the front of the residence of President Muhammadu Buhari's powerful nephew, Alhaji Mamman Daura, in Kaduna.

It was also reported that Hirse had gone to pay condolence visit to the family of the late Sultan of Sokoto, Ibrahim Dasuki and stopped at Daura's home to pay him a visit when he was abducted by the gunmen.

The gunmen had reportedly coerced the ex-minister into entering their vehicle and when people approached them, one of the gunmen had fired his fun in the air to scare off the people around.

This is coming days after a commissioner's home in Nasarawa was raided by gunmen and two of his wives kidnapped. His wives were later released on Sunday, November 20, 2016.