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The NTA icon and his bride, who also works for the TV network tied the knot at the bride's hometown in Garkida, Adamawa State on January 14, 2017.

We have listed the five things you need to know of the older couple's wedding here and you should absolutely check it out.

If there's anything Cyril Stober and Elizabeth Banu's wedding shows, it is that it is never too late to find love. And if you are above 40 and seek to discover the magic of that wonderful feeling, here are five tips for you.

1. Start on a clean slate

Chances are that at least you or your partner would have been in a previous relationship.

Don’t bring your past relationships to your present relationship or date. See each new person, each potential partner as a clean slate.

No need to let past experiences hold you back. Yes, learn lessons from them. But also realise that what's gone is gone and to experience the best of the next, you'll need to be willing to relax a bit and let events take a natural course.

2. Protect your kids

Yes, there’s every chance that you already have one or two kids and be honest about this from the onset. There’s no point hiding the fact.

However, don’t bombard your potential partners with talks of the kids.  Let your early conversations be on learning as many things as possible about each other.

Push subtle questions to them and gauge the feasibility of having an inclusive relationship/marriage where the kids will be welcome and treated well.

However, don’t introduce them  to each other until things are getting steady and some form of certainty is already being established about the relationship.

This is to ensure that the kids don’t get too attached to the potential partner only for things to break off and mess with the kids’ emotions.

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3. Kindness, consistency, and character

At this stage, these are the things that’ll likely matter most to you. Attraction and compatibility as sex and other youthful traits will play second fiddle and that’s just fine.

4. Take things slow

Yes, you might have been single for a long time or you may have just gotten out of a divorce.

Whatever the reason, take your time. Go slow and steady. Look long and very carefully before you leap.

You don’t want a repeat of previous failed relationships. It would be lovely to have something permanent for once, right?

So balance your heart and head, and enter a relationship with your eyes wide open. The character and values you see at the beginning are what you will get at the end.

5. Never give up

Especially for people who are 40 and above and never married, it may be difficult but you have to stop believing.

It's never too late to find love. Recall Sarah, the 60-year-old Nigerian woman who got married for the first ever time in February 2017.

Keep living your best life and keep believing. It's never too late for Cupid little arrow to locate you.