An interesting love story that has began getting affection from the general public is that of Brig.-Gen.

Revealing their story to Punch Newspaper, both Wanda and Akagu had different reasons for falling in love.

For Wanda, it was her confidence and ability to be in charge that swept him off his feet.

"I saw so many things in her but the most prominent ones are that she is always cool, calm, composed and you could see a woman who is in charge. She doesn’t fidget; she is not the fidgety type, she is always in charge. I saw a woman I could trust and that would hold on if I was not around. Above all, she was God-fearing. These are some of the things I saw in her," he revealed.

And for Akagu, it was the simple fact that he was a scientist and light skinned one at that.

"I did social science. When I was growing up – right from secondary school – I told myself that I was going to marry a scientist. As young as I was, because I am dark, I told myself that I was going to marry someone that is fair, fine and very intelligent. We met and became very good friends. We were however fighting at the beginning; we were not really agreeing. I remember one of my roommates, Toyin – she’s a brigadier general too – telling me each time we fought that ‘is it not you? I know you will always reconcile.’ That was how we started until the relationship led to marriage," he reeled out.