Akon was born and raised in Senegal-Africa before making his way to the U.S and becoming the superstar he is today. He has inspired millions of people to do music and has continued to support Africa-related projects like aiding the underprivileged, educating the poor etc. But if he didn't leave the African continent, what could have become of the Locked Up singer?

Akon is no doubt a mega star with countless successful songs. He visits Africa more often and has been collaborating with some African stars like P-Square, Davido; and his Konvict Records has also signed business deals with artists like Wizkid. In fact, Akon loves the Africa Dream he somehow didn't have the chance to enjoy as a young man.

He’s done too many collaborations with other super stars across the globe and responsible for the T.Pain and  Lady Gaga’s coming to the limelight. His collabo with the Late King of Pop, Michael Jackson – Hold My Hand - stands one of his greatest achievements and for an African, a huge deal. His inability to speak French, even though he’s a Senegalese remains a shock to his fellow countrymen plus his surprising stand on polygamy – I’m an African. I have many kids – is still unbelievable.  Yet his honesty, talent and simplicity takes all the shine.

But the question of the day is: What if he never ever left this continent, would he have made the same huge success like he did in America? Do you think he could have been a singer, music producer or his hustling spirit could have provided him with any millions?

Let’s chat, shall we?