Remember when Pulse brought you Five ways to rock the new Mag sneakers. Now, you can actually see how the futuristic shoes work on Michael J. Fox and honestly, they are quite impressive.

Michael J. Fox who starred in the Franchise is lucky owner of what seems to be the only pair of the limited edition sneakers and he brought them along with his for his interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

He not only wore the sneakers on the show, , but also displayed the sneaker’s self-lacing effect to the amazement and cheers of the audience.

The sneakers remain one of the single best inventions this year and the best feature of this shoe remains the ease that it offers its owners. Imagine trying to make a meeting in the morning and you spend less than a minute trying to lace up your sneakers.

The limited edition sneakers are bound to be quite expensive. Let us know what you think of the new sneakers.