With our Instagram profiles begging for more picture uploads whilst we go green with envy at how 'perfect' our friends' pictures look on their profiles, we are bound to think we have 'issues' with taking pictures; ending up calling ourselves 'not-photogenic'!

Who says? Taking pictures can be fun and we genuinely hate that we can't be 'perfect' in our pictures.

These tips help to get  much more desired shots! You want to try them out next time you are taking those photos.

1) Work your best smiles, a natural smile trumps a fake one all the time. You can think of something funny or joke with the photographer for instance.

2) Look at a source of light, it illuminates the pupils which makes your eyes sparkle.

3) Stay away from dark, matte lipsticks when taking pictures, they tend to age and unflatter. Always use a bright lipstick.

4) Always relax while you are it; a relaxed pose comes out more natural than a serious/planned pose.

5) A shot from above is way more flattering than one taken from below, if you are taller than the photographer for instance, you should seat down.

6) Avoid serious sparkle or shine on your face, this tends to be too much in pictures.

7) Look towards a source of light before taking a picture, this helps shrink your pupils and avoid red eye.

8)Work on your best angles, facing the camera straight is usually not flattering so identify an angle that works best for your features.

9) If you tend to blink while taking pictures, close your eyes  just before the take a photo and slowly open then before the camera clicks!