Cristo, from Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, according to Daily Mail UK, has ‘hundreds of followers’ from around the world, including the UK, Britain and France, some of whom live with him at his ‘church’ compound outside Brasilia.

In the past 35 years, he has travelled to 27 countries, been arrested 40 times and expelled from Britain and the US. InriCristo has spent 35 years preaching the ‘wordofGod’, because he believes he is the reincarnation of Jesus.

He is reported to tell his followers repeatedly that he is and that he has come back in the flesh to prepare his followers for the rapture. Most of the disciples who live at his church – mostly women - have followed Inri for decades, the eldest, Abevere, 86, has been following him for 32 years while his youngest disciple is now 24 years old and first met Inri when she was just a two years old.

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His Jesus-like dressing and unorthodox views on capitalism, abortion and even Christmas has seen him detained by police more than 40 times. But despite seeing himself as Jesus reborn, Inri refuses to celebrate Christmas saying it is just a day where 'the rich humiliate the poor'.

Inri says he first experienced the 'revelation' that he was Christ during a religious fast in Santiago, Chile, in 1979.

Since childhood, he had been following a powerful voice that 'speaks in his head' but it was only on this occasion that it told him:

He runs his own church, the 'Soust' (SupremaOrdemUniversaldaSantmssimaTrindade), located on a lush farmland outside of Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, which he calls the 'NewJerusalem'.

He and his followers survive on homegrown fruit like bananas, avocados and mangos as well as a vegetable garden.

There's also a chapel where Inri speaks to his followers every Saturday morning and a kennel for the dogs that guard the complex.

His quirky life has led to critics saying he is mentally ill - an accusation he firmly denies.

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