A key sign of a healthy skin is its shine which indicates that the skin is hydrated. If you have dry or scaly skin, it might indicate a skin condition like eczema.

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Though  the skin's texture differs from a person to the other, it's important to note the little changes it might show at any point in time.

Most time, the skin could reveal an underlying health issue (they do most times) which should never be ignored.

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For instance a dark patch on the skin like a birthmark may not necessarily be anything to fret about but then light or dark skin patches might be vitiligo or a sign of nutritional deficiency.

These five signs should be not be ignored:

1. If the skin is always itchy.

This could be a sign of allergies or a symptom of liver disease. If itching persists, see a doctor.

2. If the skin stings or burns.

This could be as a result of a new product reaction or environmental pollution or an underlying sign of something serious. If burning persists, visit a doctor.

3. Rashes

Rashes that won't clear may not be serious or they might be. If rashes have been treated with over the counter treatments and they don't clear out then they should be checked as they might be a sign of something serious.

4. Dry Patches

Excessively dry patches that persist after treatments should be brought to a health practitioner's notice.

5. Excessively dry skin

When the skin is dry to a point where nothing works, you should consult a health practitoner.