Tara Fela-Durotoye is a year older today March 6, 2017.

The beauty entrepreneur and CEO/Founder of House Of Tara International is celebrating turning 40.

Tara is having a tea party currently and while she's at it, below are five things about the entrepreneur we're sure you didn't know about.

1. She and TY Bello have been friends since they were 11

According to her, "This girl (TY Bello) right here has been my friend since we were 11 and she 10.

We have a few things in common.

We came to know the Lord at this age and a covenant relationship was created."

2. She loves to mentor and help in the development of young people

She annually hosts a Tara Fela Durotoye (TFD) mentorship series and has shared several success stories from it.

3. She launched a hub against intellectual property theft

The beauty entrepreneur came together with other entrepreneurs across different industries to stand against piracy in Nigeria.

Pulling all resources together,  the collective initially launched a viral tease addressing this on social media with short videos before the campaign was launched.

4. The Sound of Music is one of her favourite movies

She took a trip to Salzburg in February this year just to experience the Sound of Music chronicles.

She said of the trip, "I travelled 6 hours to participate in a 4-hour tour. I enjoyed every moment of it. Excited like a child tourists from Japan Australia USA sang loudly on the bus some of our favourite sound of music songs.I will keep the memories close to my heart goodbye Salzburg."

5. Tara was the makeup artiste at RMD and wife Jumobi Adegbesan's society wedding

According to Tara this wedding brought her previous 3 years of entrepreneurship to the limelight.