Your beauty routine is incomplete without your hair which makes it very important to pay close attention to your hair no matter how busy you are.

Wigs seem to have taken over the beauty world and most people pay less attention to their natural hair, but the truth is there will be times you just want to expose your hair. If your natural hair is not in good condition, exposing it would be a big problem.

What other way can you take of your hair and improve the length other than using natural products. Banana hair mask will provide your hair with the right nutrient it needs to grow longer and stay healthy.

banana hair mask helps your hair grow longer [YouTube]
banana hair mask helps your hair grow longer [YouTube]

Banana which is the main ingredient possesses moisturizing property, which helps them penetrate deep into the scalp to hydrate your hair. They also contain vitamins like A, E, and C and natural oils which prevent split ends, improve hair growth and improve hair’s elasticity.

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You might be wondering how you would make the banana hair mask. We got you covered with this DIY video. Below is a video of how to make and apply the banana hair mask.