Deola Adebiyi shows how to nail the perfect set of brows using pencil and brows definer in new tutorial.

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The beauty blogger who shows how she achieves her bold brows show in easy steps how to nail clean, defined brows without wasting much time. To get perfect set of brows, it's important not to over-pluck the hairs so there would be hairs for products (pencil and especially brow definers) to stick on.

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1. Determine the shape and arch of the brows by measuring where it should start and stop!

2. Start off with a spoolie brush to tame the eyebrows, brushing hairs in the same direction and lined uniformed in upwards and sideways motions.

3. For pencil, fill in the sparse areas of the brows with light strokes making sure to dab away excess products to get the exact

4. Blend and brush the brows with spoolie brush, if a brown pencil fills in too light, go in again lightly with a darker/black pencil to give a bolder effect.

5. Blend again using a spoolie brush

6. Clean the brows with concealer for a clean definition and blend seamlessly then apply foundation to get a natural finish.

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Use the same steps as above when using a brow definer to achieve clean brows.