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Applying concealer covers a multitude of otherwise unsightly blemishes and spots (note that the skin itself should be taken care of, as a healthy skin makes makeup even flawless) when applied properly.

Concealers should be dabbed unto affected areas and not used all over the face and be gently blended out.

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There are however different concealer hacks that come in handy for ladies to create the desired effect; a picture perfect face! Concealer hacks recommended by top beauty blogger Iris Beilin includes:

1. Using concealer as a foundation

The concealer can be mixed with regular moisturizer to give a tinted moisturizer that works to give coverage.

2. Using concealer to cover puffy eyes

Mix a good eye gel, illuminator and concealer together thoroughly then dab under the eyes (then set with setting powder) to reduce puffy eyes.

3. Using Concealer under eyebrows

Concealer can be used under the brows to neaten as well as create a defined brow bone. Simply line under the eyebrow with concealer then blend perfectly into the skin and dust on setting powder for a natural look.

4. Concealer as eyeshadow primer

The concealer can be used to 'set' the eyelids to prep it for eyeshadow application. Simply apply concealer on the eyelids leave it on for a few seconds then use the eyeshadow as per usual.

Learn more concealer tricks in the tutorial.