Welcome back to 'Who Get Ear,' the 10-track playlist by Pulse Nigeria on the top 10 songs you need to play this week.

I know this is the second apology for inconsistency, but it has to come. This is a dedicated segment by Pulse Nigeria on the 10 songs you need to play this week. It's been stalling over some unforeseen circumstances. Hopefully, those things are over now.

This week, we feature acts like Remy Baggins, Eri-Ife, Eclipse Nkasi and more.

Pick of the week: Haywire and Nico - High

Moment of the week: The hook by Clay on 'Fallin' by Eclipse Nkasi

Here are the songs we picked;

Remy Baggins - As Friends Though

This is the opening song on Baggin's recently released EP, Sakura. On the review for the project, Pulse Nigeria wrote, "The project opens up to the dancehall vibes of 'As Friends Tho.' Remy Baggins has the masculine ego as he sings, "I know you want to sit down pon it..." hoping the 'Cherry Blossom' would reciprocate. But instead, she says, "I don't wanna be your lover..." Ouch."

Haywire and Nico - High

Earlier in March 2020, Haywire and Nico released their 6-track EP, El Dorado. The project discusses the peculiarity of generation z and millennial living in Nigeria - especially from the rude awakening it births. Due to the frustration, this is where Haywire and Nico slow down and hit the herb.

Nikita - Figo

Nikita is signed to Dr Dolor and she was unveiled in December 2019 at Teni's Billionaire Concert. There, she performed and introduced herself. In March 2020, she released her debut EP, Better Days. Her artistry still has a long way to go, but this song has an a catchy hook.

Tony Richie - Yeshua

We don't put a lot of gospel songs on Who Get Ear, but maybe that should change. Diversification is important. On this one, Tony Richie uses a ballad to paint his worship of God and serenade his maker with a heart of gratitude and submission.

Demuren - Lemme Know

Not a lot is know about this artist, but Pulse selected him for this R&B number. The reason was simple; the songwriting was incomplete but it had something. You might like it.

Kendickson - Blessing

On this raggae tune, Kendickson goes in with auto-tuned soprano and seeks one thing we all crave; blessing.

Eri-Ife and Sir Bastien - Cliche

Yes, this one was released in 2019, but it's been in the Pulse Nigeria submissions and never made the list. Finally, we're here and it's still music that people need to hear.

Rik Artenz - Yeah

Rik Artsenz is known as a rapper. On this one, he explores his artistry and produced the best music of his burgeoning career. On the hook, he showcased his ability to craft sung-rap hooks - I want to see more of this for other acts. This is range and this is a worthy single for his upcoming project. Keep going.

Eclipse Nkasi featuring Clay - Fallin

In February 2020, Eclipse Nkasi released his impressive album, Child of Destiny. You might know Clay, she is the rocker who moves with her band, dressed in punk outfits before serenading stages with guitar-heavy music. On this one, Eclipse Nkasi discusses what seems a drifting relationship and depression. Clay matches his energy with a melancholic strain that is her hook.

JVSH featuring Paybac - Tap Roots

Look, this is an amazing song. JVSH looks an amazing rapper who understands the power of flow schemes, features and stylistic flexibility. He seems an MC who could do great things on his own body of work. While the hook is weak, his verses are impressive. And Paybac, well he's Paybac - nothing but class.