Album – For YouArtiste – Cobhams AsuquoProducers - Cobhams AsuquoGuests – Clare Hendershot, Nosa, Aaron LindseyRecord Label: CAMP (2017)Duration: 75 minutes

When life offers you lemons, you grab some tools and get the lemonade out. Cobhams Asuquo was dealt a hand by life – he was visually impaired.

But despite that impediment, he has turned up gold via music. One of the first Nigerians to sign a deal with Sony, he went about producing like his life depended on it. And yes, his life does depend on the music. From working with Asa, Bez, Timi Dakolo and a lot of the best vocalists the country has on offer, Asuquo has progressed from talent to manager, and now his artistic endeavor receives its deserved body of work.

“For You” album is a dedication of his achievements to God. It’s a Gospel project, which also has inspiration as a sub-theme. Cobhams has a happy life, a happy family, and a happy business, which has grown from just the guy with a phenomenal talent, to a multi-million naira venture which creates the best music in the country.

From the solemn piano-filled spaces of ‘Make our hearts’, to the deepened revelations and flutes on ‘Angels all around’, he packs this project with more than just music. It’s a call to God, a veneration of the Christian Most High, and a beautiful drawn out thanksgiving to a higher power that he attributes his pleasant lot in life to. Clare Hendershot elevates Cobhams and his vocals on ‘Oh how I love’, a beautiful duet that heals the soul.

The production on the project is seamless. There’s just nothing that Cobhams cannot do when he sets out to. There’s music spanning genres, fusing styles and sonic templates to create the ultimate experience. Each song has its emotion, and sets out to soothe and usher in the listener into a calm mood, where praise exists.

The unidirectional nature of “For You” might compound the expectations of fans who expect a balance from the singer. Cobhams has meddled in pop, inspirational and Gospel all through his run of singles. But only Gospel makes it to the album. That fact is not lost out on fans.

But it’s an artist’s right to express himself via his music, and this project does just that. Cobhams has a relationship with God. And “For You” is the expression of that relationship.

Rating 4.5/5.

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