Afro Hip-Hop/world music artist Paybac is out with a single titled 'Lagos on my mind' to be on his upcoming 2017 solo debut album "The Biggest Tree"

In 'Lagos on my mind' produced by SynX, andengineered by CHx Paybac makes it clear he's got mad love for Lagos city, both the good, bad anf ugly sides apparently.

Additional vocals on the song was by Tizzy Tunes and Malyna.

Paybac  has released three collaborative projects, "The Broken Speaker Symphony"(2014) and "The Other Side Of The Radio"(2015) with producer Charlie X as well as "Face Off" under the collective "The lost and Found" with Boogey and Charlie X(2016).

The rapper has also put out a solo mixtape in 2014 "The IBoro Tape", and a solo EP in 2016 titled "Frank Ocean Type Beats".

He is set to release his solo debut album titled “The Biggest Tree” in 2017 with singles and videos being released in anticipation. Iboro(paybac) has a wide range of influences ranging from the Beatles to lil uzi vert and this has given his music a theme centered approach while still allowing him get lost in whatever vibes may be present.