With so many spectacular segments and awe-inspiring lectures, the upcoming IPPC is the hottest ticket in town. The talking point is the LIMA Awards. The LoveWorld International Music and Arts Awards are a celebration of the talent, artistry, and dedication to the Christian devotion of LoveWorld Inc. These artists contribute to the ever-continuing success of the ministry.

When so many people are filled with the Glory of God and gathered together the atmosphere in the LoveWorld Convocation Arena is intense. The LIMA award ceremony is an outpouring of appreciation to those who are connected to the many musical facets of the Church. Last year it was broadcast live for the first time so millions of viewers could witness the glorious ceremony in their locality. Now the millions of gospel music fans around the world who have witnessed the show anticipate that this year's extravaganza will be ‘Hotter than Fire’. 

Looking At LIMA: A celebration of the talents, ‘Hotter Than Fire’
Looking At LIMA: A celebration of the talents, ‘Hotter Than Fire’

Your Host: - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

The LoveWorld artists receive their awards from Pastor Chris himself. We can’t wait to see who will be nominated They also receive a blessing from the Man of God. 2017’s Best Newcomer was Testimony Jaga and his music has risen to new heights of glory. His show-stopping performance of the 2018 award-winning song “Jehovah” had the audience on their feet. Testimony's musical development is a reflection of his spiritual growth and he is sure to reach many souls with his gospel music.

Testimony Jaga performing at last year's LIMA Awards
Testimony Jaga performing at last year's LIMA Awards

There many nominations in each category that reflects the ingathering of talents who wish to express their devotion through music. Last year Isaiah Samson, Martin PK, Eben, Obi Shine and, Chris Shalom were all crowned ‘Male Vocalists of the Year’. In an expanding music scene, the LoveWorld artists are leading the way with their inspired lyrics and musical mastery. 

Eben’s soulful song ‘Shepard Of My Soul’ is a favorite of Pastor Chris and he is a worthy winner of the mighty ‘Artist of the Year’ award. His melodious voice lifts his soul-stirring lyrics to another level. In “At The Center Of It All It's You That I See” the lyric goes “as we lift our voice in praise”. Well, Eben lifts the crowd with his dazzling voice. 

God blesses men and women in equal measure with talents. Sinach sang the words ‘I Know Who I Am’ with such surety that you can see why she picked up the gong for ‘Songwriter of the Year’ in 2017. In penning over 500 songs that can lead souls into worship and delivering them with profound majesty her contribution to the Ministry was celebrated. In 2018 she went on to be declared ‘Female Vocalist of The Year’. She is a singer with a huge vocal range and she continues to inspire the worship wherever she performs.

The hottest talents are drawn to LoveWorld Inc.

There are so many categories and genres reflecting the wide and diverse scope of gospel music. From church choirs to internationally acclaimed artists LoveWorld nation has a platform to nurture and guide these musically gifted performers. 

The LoveWorld Ministry for Art and Music (LMAM) is dedicated to training singers and performers. Their vision is to “raise ministers who are established in the Word and burning with a passion to reach the world with the gospel in our very unique way; through music and the arts.” The singers are some of the most powerful outreach ministers in the Christ Embassy and are nurtured and coached with the teachings of Pastor Chris and under the tutelage of Evangelist Kathy Woghiren.

In 2014 one such gospel singer told herself she would win “Worship Song of the Year”. The affirmation was actualized last year for the star known to us as CSO. With her very first worship song, ‘Holy Spirit’ Sharon Oyakhilome took the award for which she thanked God for. This song was a smash hit on the radio and has found its way into the playlist for many lovers of gospel music.  

This double award-winning hit was also given the LIMA for ‘Song of the Year’. An honor that saw her overwhelmed. Growing up in the uplifting atmosphere of Christ Embassy Church has clearly impacted on Sharon. She has been active in the music scene from a young age and has blossomed into the most active, inspirational young Christian woman. Totally devoted to the actives of the ministry she is a mentor and role model for many young people.

For young and old alike the thousands of gospel music fans will be anticipating the LIMA award ceremony this year. The musical ministry of Pastor Chris is one of the most powerful soul-winning arms of Christ Embassy. With last year's dazzling performances in mind, gospel fans cannot wait to see what will happen at LIMA 2019. Follow LMAM on KingsChat and get ready for a night that will be ‘Hotter Than Fire”. 

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