It's Thursday and Pulse Movies is sharing 10 things we remember about the movie.

Here we go;

1. The movie starred Andy Chukwu, Emeka Ike, Muna Obiekwe, Genevieve Nnaji,  Lasa Amoro, Amaka Aneke, Lilian Bach among others.

2. Released in 2003, the movie was produced by Nwafor Anayo and directed by Andy Chukwu.

3. "Not Man Enough" starred Emeka Ike as a playboy, Nelson. The late Muna Obiekwe starred in the movie as Steve, a friend of Nelson, who had a crush on Genevieve Nnaji's Maureen.

4. The first time Steve gets to speak to Maureen, the popular 'man saves the day' trope is used. He meets Maureen and her friend stranded after their car broke down by the road.

As expected, he helps fix the car, starting up a friendship between them.

5. Steve tells Nelson about a girl in his life. He doesn't show him photos  or give him a name. Steve travels and in his absence, Nelson meets and starts a relationship with Maureen.

6. A desperate  Steve meets Maureen's friend and asks that she helps convince Maureen to leave Nelson. He explains that he was not man enough to tell her how he felt and was afraid she would say no to him.

7. Maureen finally gets pregnant for Nelson, who denies being the father of the child. Steve helps her out by selling his property to raise money for her abortion.

8. Weeks later, Nelson returns to Maureen, asks for forgiveness and wins her back, despite pleas from Steve.

9. Maureen gets pregnant again and as usual, Nelson, who was already in love with a new girl, Jessy, denies it.

Jessy, however, meets and falls in love with Steve. The two start a relationship.

10. Finally, a bitter and heartbroken Maureen destroys Nelson's face with acid.