Tallulah Doherty, the newest addition to the EbonyLife TV show, Moments Nigeria, recently had a brief chat with Pulse Nigeria.

The journalist and TV host spoke about joining Toke Makinwa and Bolanle Olukunni as hosts of the TV show, following Michelle Dede's exit.

She also shared her first experience as a TV presenter, tips on how to be great presenter, most challenging part of her career and more.

On Joining Moments

"I can't go on enough about how truly amazing it has been. The whole Moments team is like one big family and everyone has been so helpful and supportive.

"It's been an adjustment for me being so recognisable, because people now stop me on the streets and they want to know all about the behind-the-scenes of the show, and if there's any gist, which always makes me laugh.

I'm always happy to tell them the only gist is that we all love our jobs."

Pressure replacing Michelle Dede

"I did feel a little bit of pressure not necessarily as being the new girl on the show but just because it was the start of a new chapter for me.

So, although I was already part of the Ebonylifetv family as a co-host on "VVIP Events" and I had also hostedon the channel, "Moments" would be a huge career defining phase, and I just wanted to put in my best so I  could be as open and as honest as possible.

"I am a huge fan of Michelle Dede and so my thought process wasn't to try to "replace" her, but to fully bring my own unique slant and personality to the show."

On the most challenging part of  career

"Great question! I think it's been staying true to my own core beliefs. I've had situations where I was asked to change aspects of myself - so things like being told I need to change my accent or my core beliefs being challenged.

But I was raised by an extremely strong mother who always taught me that who I am is excellent and beautiful so I've always been able to rise above such situations.

And, the bit of advice that also really helped is, "go where you're celebrated not where you're tolerated" I couldn't agree more!"

On career as a TV presenter

"Many people don't know this but I started my career as a television news journalist in the UK. I was both a reporter and a producer for a regional TV station in the West of England.

"That's where I got my training and it was fantastic. I got trained in all aspects of TV presenting; from how to write a script, to going on location, and even down to editing video.

When I moved to Nigeria the first TV station I worked for was Spice. From there, I moved to Ebonylife TV. It has been a very fulfilling career and I thank God every day for the opportunity to do a job that I love."

First Experience as a TV presenter

"My first experience on TV was as a reporter in the West of England, and they had sent me out to do a report on a Chinese restaurant that had been robbed.

"I didn't have a clue what I was doing, but I was able to interview the owner of the restaurant and did a few interviews with people who lived in the area as to what they had seen. It was an eye opener."

Other career paths to consider in the entertainment industry

"I love presenting so I'm quite happy doing what I do but maybe I could do a cameo in a movie that would be fun."

Tips on how to be a great TV presenters

"The most important thing is to realise that it's a job, and treat it as such. So, its important to be disciplined and professional.

Also, often you're working with a crew that consists of a cameraman and producer, so, being able to work effectively in a team is also something to consider.

Be yourself. Don't be afraid to show your real personality because that is what will make you unique and stand out."

Future plans

"As well as being a TV presenter, I also own a nail salon called "Wow Nails." My plans are to keep growing and reaching new milestones by God's grace."