The 90s and early 2000s had several memorable movie characters that cant be forgotten in a hurry.

Decades later, those characters are still iconic in pop culture and the actors are still fondly addressed by fans as these characters.

From Andy in "Living in Bondage" to Black Arrow in "Silent Night," here are 10 memorable Nollywood movie characters of the 90s and 2000s.

Check them out:

1. Aki & Pawpaw

The characters, played by Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme, respectively, made their debut in the 2002 comedy movie "Aki na Ukwa."

In subsequent years after 'Aki na Ukwa,' Ikedieze and Iheme reprised their roles as two mischievous brothers in different films.

2. Andy

Played by Kenneth Okonkwo, Andy is a character in "Living in Bondage," who, out of desperation to acquire wealth by any means, joins a cult where he sacrifices his wife for wealth.

After his wife's death, her ghost haunts and terrorizes him, leading to embarrassing situations in public.

3. Black Arrow

Black Arrow is one of the most ruthless characters to appear in a Nollywood movie. In "Silent Night," he is a mean gang leader, who is notorious for his killings and robbery attacks in his neighbourhood.

4. Ogbuefi Ozor Nnamani in "Last Burial"

18 years ago, in the Lancelot Imasuen movie, "Last Burial,"Clem Ohameze played Ogbuefi Nnamani, a wealthy Knight in the Catholic church, who was also a member of the Shankiki cult group.

When he passed away, the church and the cult group battled for who would bury his corpse.

A film with several fear-inducing scenes and a famous bone-chilling soundtrack, an image of a dead Ogbuefi sitting in his coffin is unforgettable.

5. Blessing in "Cry for Help"

While Nkiru Sylvanus, during her active years as an actress, was popular for having the knack to elicit sorrow from her audience, she's most popularly known for her role as Blessing AKA Ble-Ble in "Cry for Help," a movie that follows the ordeal of an orphaned girl, who had to go through lots of torturous experiences to survive.

6. Vuga - Vuga

Several years after his role as the titular character - a mute superhero -  in "Vuga," Nollywood actor Gentle Jack is still referred to as Vuga.

His character is one that cannot be forgotten in a hurry.

7. Sakobi - Sakobi

Played by Susan Patrick, the titular character in the spiritual thriller is a seductress/snake girl, who is sent to the world to entice a young man, Francis,into sacrificing his daughter for wealth.

8. Domitilla

Played by Ann Njemanze, Domitilla is a young lady, who, alongside her friends, ventures into prostitution to survive a hard life.

9. Ahanna - Rattlesnake

Played by Francis Duru, Ahanna Okolo is a young boy drawn into the world of crime and gang rivalry after a twist of fate cuts short his happy childhood.

10. Osuofia

Played by Nkem Owoh, the character made its major debut in the 2003 Kingsley Ogoro film, "Osuofia in London."

In the film, Osuofia leaves his village for London after he inherits the wealth of his late brother, who left the village years before and amassed a business fortune in London.

The 2003 film spawned several sequels and spin-offs, all headlined by the hilarious character, popular for his outlandish behaviour.

Which of these characters was your favourite?