Mofe Duncans greatest fear as an actor is actors not being paid enough for what they do.


The "Taste of Love" actor revealed this during an exclusive interview with Pulse Nigeria.

According to him, "People will say nobody is getting paid enough, but we [actors] do a lot of work." Sharing an experience on set in Ibadan, the actor said "It's mind-boggling."

"When you do charge what you wanna charge, like you say 'look, this movie I'm gonna charge you N3 million for 10 days,' they will be like 'sorry oh, don't use him again, he is expensive.'

"The fear is that we are going to get to the part whereby people who would accept the fee that the producer can pay, would bring a lot of mediocrity into it, and they will not be standard actors."

The actor also revealed that he has started writing his own scripts. "I am going to create my own jobs, shoot my own movies, put my own thing out there. And even if I don't get paid, at least I know it's mine."


The actor also spoke about the movie that has had the greatest influence on him, and which he prefers between movies and TV series.

Duncan is popular for productions including "Taste of Love," "Edge of Paradise," "Lies Men Tell," "Romance is Overrated," "Casino," among others.