The actor, who has been on the scene for years, was famous for his character, ‘ChiefKoko’ in ‘KokoClose’, a popular NigerianTV series of the 80s. We gather that Bakare has been in the hospital for some time now due to the severity of the ailment.

Though he has been discharged from the hospital, new filtering in has it that he is still not back to his normal health and needs financial assistance for more treatment.

Speaking with a magazine recently, the thespian said; “I’m weak; I cannot do anything for now. I've also not been able to work for a while now as a result of this illness, so I’m calling on well-meaning Nigerians for support.”

OlumideBakare has featured in many films including ‘Oduduwa,’ ‘Maroro,’ ‘EtiKeta’, ‘OrimiAjiki’ and ‘IberuOlorunLoju’, among others.

Please let us show love and support for this man who brought laughter into so many homes in Nigeria.