To the shock of no one, Lord Petyr Baelish AKA Littlefinger, finally met his end on "Game of Thrones."

After seven seasons of manipulating and orchestrating chaos in Westeros, the character was killed in the season 7 finale by Arya Stark.

Aidan Gillen, who played the character for seven years spoke with EW about his exit, predicting how his character would be killed off and how he felt about his death.

Read excerpts below;

On if he knew how Littlefinger would die

"Well, I did an interview with a publication [in 2015] and they asked me how I thought I would go. I said I thought Arya would deliver the blow. So it was as promised.

"And even within the scene, as soon as he walks into that room and Arya produces the dagger he knows the game is up. He at least suspected the game was up back in episode four when Bran told him, “Chaos is a ladder.”

"For Bran to come up with that is beyond coincidental. That’s when the ground started to shift beneath my feet. At that point, I knew the things I’ve done in private are not necessarily private."

On how he felt when he found out about Littlefinger's death

"You’re left a little bereft — for your character and for your experience. It also immediately makes you quantify the hugeness of what that experience has been over the last seven years, which has been massive."

On the emotional final scene

"I don’t want to say too much about that. I don’t want to lay my cards on the table. I want to preserve that. There were more feelings for Sansa than I’ve let on the in the past.

"It becomes obvious. It’s an emotional farewell. And it’s a humiliating position to be in. He’s back in the sort of humiliating position that has been a driver for him: The rejection of Catelyn Stark, the humiliation by Ned Stark’s older brother, Brandon Stark — back when he cut him from navel to collarbone and didn’t kill him. He’s put back in that position again."

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