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From Cookie's real name to the real Mama Lucious, check out five things we learnt from the episode.

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Here we go;

1. Andre introduced his supposed dead grand mum at a Lyon family song rehearsal.

2. Rhonda finally got her memory back, and she knows Anikan pushed her down the stairs.

3. Cookie's real name is Laretha. She scolded Candace for addressing her by the name, which she considers her 'government' name.

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4. Carol helped Lucious murder people while Cookie was in prison.

5. Jamal is set for a new relationship, as he is willing to give musical director D Major a chance.

6. Lucious' mother, Leah, isn't only sick, she is also a murderer. In the episode, she said displayed her psychoitic side saying to her son,  “I was sick. Now I’m sorry — sorry I was too weak to kill you when I had the chance.”

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Watch an "Empire" clip below.