BK Chat London, the talk/reality show that has taken Britain by storm is about to air its New York version.

The creator of the show Andy Amadi tweeted on May 1, 2017, that BK Chat was hitting America. He has kept his promise after holding auditions in New York City.

The teaser of BK Chat New York was released on YouTube on August 23, 2017. From the 2-minute long clip, this talk show is about to have a lot of drama like its London counterpart, maybe even more.

There are some familiar faces in the clip as some of the London favourites show up for BK Chat New York. There is also a new Nigerian in the mix of things.

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If all goes according to plan, BK Chat New York will be out in September 2017. For all fans of the indie hit show, get ready for another round of discussions on love, sex, marriage and other things.

The last season of BK Chat London went out on a high as the infamous Nunu spilled too much information about period sex.

The gang of season 2 recently had a reunion where they spoke about everything that happened from the highs, lows, drama and beef.

Since BK Chat seems to be spreading the franchise, when are we going to see BK Chat 'Gidi? The London show heavily features Nigerians, even though most of them are British citizens with Nigerian parents.

With a lot of YouTube based shows and series not hitting home, there is a shot for the BK Chat to make an impact over here.