Here are some of the things that happened at the ninth Saturday Night party in the ongoing Big Brother Naija 2019 Pepper Dem.

For the ninth Saturday Night Party, which took place on August 31, 2019, interesting activities went down in the club.

The ninth Saturday night party has seen viewers rating it as a unique one because of the outfit of some of the female housemates.

And for the first time, there was no drama after the Saturday Night party. All members, though tipsy, tried to keep calm and avoid troubles and strikes.

However, Ike, who is down with two strikes already, made the news when he threw up in the room as a result of excessive alcohol. The scene had his love interest, Mercy and Venita cleaning up the room before he went back to bed.

Here are some of the things that happened at the Saturday Night Party that you might have missed.

Power Puff girls looked stunning

Mercy led the powerpuff girls to the 9th Saturday night party [Twitter/BBnaija]

For the ninth Saturday night party, the Power Puff girls including Diane, Mercy, and Esther. The girls looked their best with their makeup, hairstyles and wonderful dresses. While Mercy led the pack with her black short dress, Diane had a bespoke dress that saw her glittering like a million watts and Esther looking ravishing with her short black dress.

Couples Saturday night

Frodd and Esther gave viewers so much to see at the 9th Saturday night party [Twitter/BBNaija]

Couples in the BBNaija 2019 Pepper Dem house had the ninth Saturday night party to themselves. Mercy and Ike had their time together one hour into the party and they stole kisses as the party goes on. Ike also took the opportunity to dance with his love interest. Frodd danced with other housemates in the early minutes of the party but withdrew back to Esther, who stayed glued to the bar like Tacha. Frodd enjoyed Esther’s company while Diane got Elozonam’s attention. After dancing around and trying to teach Tacha some new dance steps, Elozonam retired to be with Diane as they danced to the tunes of DJ Kentalky. Tacha finally found her way to Seyi’s corner at the other end of the bar. The two had some quiet moment dancing together.

Tacha Minaj unveiled

Tacha unveiled Tacha Minaj at 9th Saturday night party [Twitter/BBnaija]

Tacha unveiled her alter ego just before the ninth Saturday Night Party. Looking so different and beautiful, Tacha wowed viewers with her new hairstyle. Though her cream coloured short dress isn’t new, she looked beautiful and got accolades from some of the housemates - especially Khafi.

The life of the party

For the ninth Saturday Night, some of the housemates made themselves valuable as the life of the party. With alcoholic beverages in their system, Mercy, Venita, and Elozonam displayed why they could win the award for the life of the party. Interestingly, two housemates didn't have alcohol in their system but they also won the award for life of the party. Dancing to DJ Kentalky’s sick beats and enjoying the company of friends, were Khafi and Cindy on this table.