Ay Makun, comedian and producer of , has claimed that the officials of the Nigerian Copyrights Commission, NCC are requesting for a mobilization fee to arrest pirates that feeding fat on his movie.

In a telephone conversation on a weekly radio programme, City BON Box Office, AY said “I have called NCC and some of their officials are asking for mobilization fee in other to arrest the pirates and I wonder what is going on if a government parastatal is demanding for money to do their duties.”

On the response of the Nigerian Inspector General of Police after his public letter, the actor said, “I have called and spoke with the IG after my letter but he promised to get back to me and after our conversation, he has neither returned my calls nor sms.”

AY further revealed that the pirated copies of his movie, which is been sold on the streets of Lagos were actually leaked by an individual which he and his team are yet to uncover.