Nollywood actor,

In a recent interview with Pulse, this son of veteran actor, Pete Edochie says his conviction for throwing his weight behind the ex-minister, who is currently alleged to have been involved in corrupt practices, is as a result of her activities in Anambra state.

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You were one of the actors that backed Stella Oduah's political move to the Senate, what was your conviction?

About backing Senator Stella Oduah. I have actually followed the things she has done for Anambra people. (not all publicised) and I believe she has a good heart and means well for Anambra so I decided to throw my full weight behind her.

Why do you think anyone will want to spread false rumour about you following the recent rumour that you were involved in an auto crash?

I think it came from facebook. Fake accounts using my name and pictures. Its their mode of operation. They say a celebrity had an accident, then they put an account number for concerned people to donate money for him. But I’m not happy with some media people who started spreading the news without reaching out to me or my management to confirm. Not good at all.

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Following your success and career, this is one of the series of attempt in smearing your name, another example is the gay who resides in Canada and claimed, you both had something going. Why do you think all these are happening?

As a celebrity or a successful person in life you should expect such things. Challenges, temptations will always come your way. People will try to bring you down. It’s normal. But I focus on where I’m heading to and I just take them in my stride and move on. I believe God will keep me where he has put me.

Of all your father's children, who are actively involved in Nollywood, you seem to be the one that has done brilliantly well for yourself. Was there any extra push from your dad?

No extra push from my father. He encouraged me to follow my passion, my dream, which is being an actor and film director. That’s all. But I worked hard on my own to be here. I started from the scratch.

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Your appearance in Tinsel took fans and viewers to another understanding of your ability in the world of acting, how did the role come by?

About being on Tinsel. I guess when you love something so much it will come to you. I've been a fan of Tinsel for so long. And I have always wanted to be on Tinsel. And one day (last year) I got a call from them inviting me to be part of Tinsel and that was it. I guess my acting ability is appreciated in many quarters. I thank God.

What is the highest fee you have been paid as an actor since you joined Nollywood?

hahahaaaaaa!!! I won’t talk about fee ooo! But I’ll be honest, there's been good times and bad times. The industry has been good to me. And I still expect to earn more.

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