Two days after the release of

Yes the pop diva has blessed her legion of fans with a  new album which is based on the same concepts she used during her Destiny's Child days- female empowerment and independence. I guess these themes are still very potent after all these years.

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Apart from the usual themes Beyonce has managed to spark up interest for her new album by lacing it with lyrics of adultery and infidelity. Can all the quasi-feminists scream yeah, yeah! Upon hearing these lyrics about cheating and unfaithfulness Beyonce’s Beyhive came up with the conspiracy theory that their queen is singing about her husband Jay Z.

Ever since the infamous in 2014, members of Beyhive have tried their best to come up with solid allegations that Jay Z cheated on Beyonce. Now that Queen B or King B has sang about infidelity the Beyhive have started attacking him online and the alleged woman who he slept with- Rachel Roy who was formerly married to his ex-business partner Damon Dash.

Tired of the online bullying she received Rachel Roy had to tweet about the online onslaught. “I respect love, marriages, families and strength. What shouldn't be tolerated by anyone, no matter what, is bullying, of any kind” she tweeted on Sunday, April 24, 2016.

Now admiring celebrities is not a bad thing. Most of us wish to be them and have their fabulous lives. Celebrity worshipping is however a bad thing in my books. Many people have left their brains on the altar they have created for their beloved celebrity. Out goes logic and ration and in comes blind loyalty and silliness.

OK maybe Jay Z did cheat on Beyonce but here is my own line of thinking. What if Beyonce purposely planted these lyrics so as to create the kind of buzz that is around the album now? Just think about it.

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This is show business which Beyonce and Jay Z are masters of. For a couple who have been notoriously secretive about their marriage why would Beyonce now want to sing about the cracks in her marriage. It is strange for how now to be singing about her intimate life. This is just show business plain and simple. Ever since the elevator incident the world has been fixated on Jay Z. They are just giving you a narrative that matches what you guys have been thinking about for the past two years- Jay Z is a cheat.

By dropping those lines about infidelity Beyonce cunningly adds sensationalism to her album release. I have a feeling that the Carters are laughing at us. People have blinded by these wishy-washy tales that they have forgotten that Beyonce’s new album is exclusive on Tidal- a streaming service owned by Jay Z.

Yes open your eyes Beyhive worshipper, Jay Z and Beyonce are making a lot of money off this album. And what do you have? Nothing apart from obsessing over (fictional?) Jay Z infidelity lines penned by creative songwriters for shock value.

Beyonce has played you guys. She is with her husband and daughter raking in money while you argue about who Jay Z slept with. Bey scammed!