READ: Rapper accused of trying to win Blac Chyna back

The rapper made the move today, April 20, 2016, shortly after reports from his baby mama revealed that he has been trying to ruin her life.

The animosity between the pair cannot be overstated as fate has dragged them back into the same circle after their split in 2014.

Two years later, the ex couple have found themselves dating Kardashian siblings, intentionally and unintentionally, and something has to give.

Following Blac's engagement to Rob Kardashian, the rapper had reveled that he was happy for the makeup artist, as far as his son remains happy.

Unfortunately, its hard to take Tyga's words for it as reports have continually revealed that the Kardashians are not in support of the union, meaning that his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner must be steaming mad.

Meanwhile, New York Times bestselling author, Ian Halperin, has reportedly confirmed that Kylie was behind the ex couple's split back in 2014, only serving to make the situation dicier.

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One is left to wonder if Tyga has now followed Blac on Instagram to keep tabs on her or simply as an olive branch.

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