In a video the ace rapper shared on his Instagram on Tuesday, April 12, Snoop slams the 'Terminator' actor for being a "punk motherf****r".

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Esteban Nunez, a man convicted of murder was released from jail on Monday, April 11, 10 years early.

Nunez was convicted for manslaughter, but his father is Fabian Nunez ... who was the CA State Assembly speaker, and a close friend to Arnold. On the last day he was in office, Arnold shortened Esteban's sentence from 16 years to 7.

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Snoop is now angry about the early release but what is really pissing Snoop is the fact that his dear friend Stanley "Tookie" Williams -- a famous leader of the Crips -- was left to die in San Quentin Prison in 2005 because his sentence was damn too long.

Watch video below: